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Pedro Cortés

Computational designer and software developer

Architect by the University of Valladolid and MArch by Polytechnic University of Madrid, my research focuses on the study of the spaces of political representation in the city and the mechanisms used by Western governments to generate a fictional framework of political consensus that seeks to limit the possibilities of diversity in the public space of our cities.

Through the use of space fictions, it is tried to reverse this situation, showing parts of the real that are hidden within that space of representation, recovering the capacity that all political actors have in the modification and (re) generation of space.

Thus. fiction is understood as events that are based on reality, and because of that they always start off with the known, but transforming it so that it is able to show the breadth of possibilities of use of domestic and urban space.

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What i do

Rendering projects

  • Movies
  • Stills
  • 360 virtual views


  • Housing
  • Basic projects
  • Detail projects


  • Magazine articles
  • Lectures
  • Fictions

My resume


 Architect in Otto Medem Arquitectura. October 2012 – February 2018

– Experience in providing full concepts through delivery architectural design and construction administration services.

– Project architect developing all state of many projects and competitions, making detailed designs, drawings, specifications.

– Web page design graphic and content manager.

– Part of the design team for several architectural contests, some of them with the first prize achievement.

Architect and Cofounder Sobremesa Taller. September 2015 – February 2018

– Project architect developing all state of many projects and competitions.

– Director of teaching area, programming contents for 3D software courses.

Proffesor assistant in ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid. September 2014- February 2015

– Projects VIII subject (lessons for 5th year students). Department of Architectural Project.

Architect and CG Artist in 24Studio. December 2010 – October 2012

– Production and postproduction of animated images and shorts in 3d mainly for the architectural sector and advertising media.

– Part of the design team for several architectural contests.

– 3D software: AutoCAD, 3DSMax, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, VRay, ZBrush and Vue.



ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Computational Architecture 2017-2018

– Computer Graphics. Creation of digital environment across the mastering of image and render’s motors and visual programmation for VR and AR.

– Project Generation. Modeling and resolution of projects, adapting the workflow to the analysis and definition of every project’s element.

– New Technologies. Information manipulation, data control, impact across data visualization, development in programming environment (Python).

ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Advanced Architectural Projects 2013-2015

– Part of research group Architecture and Urban planning

– Part of Madrid Urban Lab #hacerplaza. Medialab Prado.

– Research Project: Spaces of representation versus spaces of presence.

 CICE, School of New Technologies of Madrid. Professional Master in hyperrealistic infoarchitecture 2012

– Especial knowledge in 3DSMax, AfterEffects, Premiere and NukeX

 ETSAV University of Valladolid .Degree in Architecture (1st and 2nd Cycle) 2004-2010

– Assistant in Architectural Theory and Architectural Projects Department. Year 2010

– Research Project: Spanish landscape architecture in the last 25 years under the mentorship of Darío Álvarez Álvarez.  

StudioBanana Cursos. Complementary studies.

– Basic course on Rhinoceros and VRay. Year 2010.

– Basic course on SketchUp and VRay. Year 2011.

– Basic course on 3DSMax and VRay. Year 2011.

– Basic course on Illustrator CS4. Year 2011.

– Basic course on Photoshop CS4″. Year 2011.

– Expert Master in Architectural Visualization”. Year 2011.


– Accesit in SB10MAD Contest with Aguas de Março. Student competition for an urban reconstruction proposal in Valladolid. April 2010

– Highest honors in the Expert Master in Architectural Visualization with professional management of architectural modeling programs and composition. June 2011

– First Prize in profesional competition organized by Ikasa for 75 apartments in Somosaguas. Currently under construction. January 2014

– Exhibition such as part of Playforrebel in #festivalderegalosurbanos in GaleríaMagdalena – Madrid. April 2014

– Exhibition and collaborative project such as part of Payforrebel with ATLAS. RESAD. Madrid. June 2014

– Publication about actions for research in June 2014

– Lecture for III Jornadas Internacionales de ALCES XXI. Soria, June 2015

– Exhibition in ARCOMadrid with a sociological project with young artists. Madrid. February, 2015

– Lecture ‘Extrañamientos: les violons’ during the Borderscapes sessions in Master in Advanced Projects. UPM. Madrid. October, 2015

– Finalists in profesional competition organized by Q21 for 144 apartments in Mostoles. January 2016

– Lecture for International Congress Contested Cities with “Urban Hacktivism”. Madrid, July 2016

– Lecture for International Congress Contested Cities with “Spaces of representation versus spaces of presence”. Madrid, July 2016