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Tram Creuer

Sagrada Familia. From design to production


Plugin development for assembly on site

In this project, carried out during my collaboration with CT Ingenieros, I participated in the production and assembly process of the parts for the lateral naves of the Sagrada Familia. The aisles, divided into several sections, represent one of the most important developments of the Basilica in 2020.

Starting from the volumetric definition of the piece according to design, the company was in charge of the calculation and design of the structure in the first place. My participation began from this point, where it was necessary to review the bars and the generation of documentation for the manufacture and assembly on site.

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The assembly design was based on the construction of a wooden substructure that supported the steel bars. This substructure was necessary to ensure the correct tolerances and minimum distances between the bars, and thus certify that the production process was carried out based on the graphic documentation.

Once the structure was in place, the main formwork was made and concreted to finish the process. It must be borne in mind that all these works are carried out in Galera, a land located on the outskirts of Barcelona where the production of the pieces is carried out, to later be transferred to the Sagrada Familia, in the center of Barcelona.

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  • Date : 27.02.2020
  • Company : CT Ingenieros
  • Project : Computational design
  • Location : Barcelona, Spain