ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Computational Architecture 2017-2018

– Computer Graphics. Creation of digital environment across the mastering of image and render’s motors and visual programmation for VR and AR.

– Project Generation. Modeling and resolution of projects, adapting the workflow to the analysis and definition of every project’s element.

– New Technologies. Information manipulation, data control, impact across data visualization, development in programming environment (Python).

ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Advanced Architectural Projects 2013-2015

– Part of research group Architecture and Urban planning

– Part of Madrid Urban Lab #hacerplaza. Medialab Prado.

– Research Project: Spaces of representation versus spaces of presence.

 CICE, School of New Technologies of Madrid. Professional Master in hyperrealistic infoarchitecture 2012

– Especial knowledge in 3DSMax, AfterEffects, Premiere and NukeX

 ETSAV University of Valladolid .Degree in Architecture (1st and 2nd Cycle) 2004-2010

– Assistant in Architectural Theory and Architectural Projects Department. Year 2010

– Research Project: Spanish landscape architecture in the last 25 years under the mentorship of Darío Álvarez Álvarez.